Residential project on Mathers Street, Richmond – Before and After

Have a look at these images of our work on the renovation and landscaping of a townhouse on Mathers Avenue in Kew. COAD88 was in charge of the project management of the work, as well as the design and construction of the landscaping.The images illustrate the efforts that are sometimes need to achieve the... Read more


Residential project on Boland Street, Richmond – Before and After

Have a look at this change of scenery on Boland Street in Richmond, designed by COAD88.The house is a combination of three spaces; basement, living and bedrooms on the first floor. The home also features European influences, with the materials in use and the interior design.But the greatest feature mi... Read more


Residential project on Fraser Street, Richmond – Before and After

So, did you find the connection between the two images? (hint: you can tell it's the same place because of the house with the green roof)Indeed, it doesn't look like the neighbour's house has changed much. But the renovation of this residential project on Fraser Street in Richmond extended well into the b... Read more


Residential project on Hunter Street, Richmond – Before and After

Today we look at the extension build within the backyard of a two storey house on Hunter Street, Richmond. The design directives were for the bungalow's accessibility, serene look and ease of build.The extension consists of a bedroom with en-suite, surrounded by an elevated decking and controlled landscap... Read more


Residential project on Chestnut Street, Cremorne – Before and After

Have a look at this; from 3D to completed construction on Chestnut street in Cremorne, VIC. If like us, you like designer concrete, follow the link to see more of our projects involving the material.You can see the slight changes in design, which are unavoidable during construction and dealing with the to... Read more


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