Evacuation Designs & Management Plans in Richmond and Around Melbourne

Whether it is due to fire or one of the various other emergencies that may occur, without effective and efficient evacuation management plans in place, the residents, visitors and staff are at risk of potentially fatal consequences. Our service is not only to here to help you in case of an emergency, it is also here to help these dangerous situations from happening.

COAD88 produces bespoke evacuation diagrams, compartment and block plans, to comply with the Australian building regulation (AS3959). If no current plans exist, we can create as-builts plans from the existing facility. For pubs and hotels, we also provide red line plans.

Our plans reflect the current layout of your facilities (e.g. new openings, heavy equipment, safety exits and path of travel). The diagrams integrate some of the following equipment:

  • Fire engineering and egress requirements (including egress widths).
  • Smoke Exhaust Zones (including applicable Smoke Fans, CPEF’s, AHU’s and MSSB’s required to operate/shut down in fire mode for particular zones).
  • Smoke Detection Zones including location & type of MFIP’s & SFIP’s.
  • EWIS zones.
  • Sprinkler Zones including location and numbering of SCV’s.
  • Fire Hydrant, Hose Reel and Extinguisher location (with reference numbers that will form a building register/logbook).
  • Fire Pump Room location including number & type of pumps.
  • Fire Control Room location.
  • Fire & Smoke Door locations (with reference numbers that will form a building register/logbook).

In regards to the evacuation plan’s design, COAD88 can:

  • Integrate your corporate identity in the design (colours, logo, organisation of the plan),
  • Deliver a complete package of documentation of your existing facilities,
  • Provide consultancy in order to improve people flow within the facilities,
  • Provide prints and snap lock frames (in A4 & A3),

We have a production capacity of 100 plans/5 working days (average turnaround time, subject to demand and complexity, with an express service also available),

We also supply Reporting (service verification and budgets) and Training (demonstration and education on the fire equipment).

Talk to us further about the evacuation management diagrams we can provide by emailing evac@coad88.com.


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