Essential Safety Measures

COAD88 has worked extensively with Telecommunication providers, Project Developers, Football clubs, Universities and Schools to guarantee their compliance with the AS 3745 (Planning for emergencies in facilities) and with the Annual Full Function Fire Test (AS1851).

Essential Safety Measures (ESM) are defined in the Australian Building Regulation as the collection of documents and licenses required by any building for the safety of the persons in the event of a fire.

Under the current Victorian Building Act 1993 and Building Regulations 2006, building owners & managers (including the Building Contractor & Subcontractors) are responsible for the maintenance of all their buildings Essential Safety Measures (eg. fire hydrants, emergency lights, fire walls, exits) for the life of the building.

The Australian Standards generally define ‘maintenance’ as including: inspection, testing, preventive maintenance survey and record keeping at specific intervals and rectification of defects, which is necessary to ensure the continuing reliability of fire protection systems and equipment.

The regulation requires an Annual Essential Safety Measures Report to be issued for the building every year, prior to the anniversary of the Occupancy Permit.

Where evidence of the maintenance of Essential Safety Measures cannot be demonstrated, significant fines can be issued by the Council and the Melbourne Fire Brigade (MFB).

Part of the completion of a new building, or renovation of an existing, lays in the creation of the necessary safety systems and the validation of fire inspection. COAD88 will ensure that you have all the documentation at hand and all systems are in place to keep occupants and visitor safe in case of a fire emergency.

Download the VBA’s guide to the Essential Safety Measures to find out more about the documentation required.

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